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In order to continue with a better quality, condiparma chooses to work respecting environment.

In 2014 the company built a new construction near to the principal one; the new site has been projected to be low environmental impact, this because is built with insulation materials, has a flooring implant of heating and heat reduction in order to maintain  controlled temperature and is been installed a photovoltaic system which uses solar rays to create electrical energy. The plant works thanks to an heat pump that is activated by energy of solar panels.

By using a renewable source, the company gives its contribute to achieve one of the 5 objectives of Europe Strategy for 2020, that of reducing of 20% carbon gas emissions respect to 1990. The solar panels are one of the best system to produce green energy with the benefit to use clean and renewable energy. You can produce energy as much as you need, by this way you avoid to create pollution.

Condiparma moves machineries to produce products with green energy in order to avoid environmental pollution.

In addition to this important investment, long time the firm is also involved in the correct waste management. By this procedure you can direct every refusals to the correct treatment, reducing ecological problems as the search of new dumps, and at the same time is possible to have important saving of energy and raw materials, for example with the paper recycle.