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Condiparma born in 1962 as a family company by its founder Mr. Ermanno Biacchi, who starts with the commercialization of products for panification.
In 1987 condiparma s.n.c. moves from commercialization to production of semi-finished baking products; in 1991 creates an oil mill with the aim to complete the main range of bakery production through the oil commercialization.

In 2010, the company becomes condiparma s.a.s. and in the same year the founder's son, Stefano Biacchi, takes over the leadership as perfect successor and new managing director. Since then the company is growing up and is developing its business following time evolutions.

Condiparma is a stable firm thanks to its owners, featured by a strong entrepreneurship vocation, thanks to the quality and attention in the creation of products, to the work of dedicated people, to an excellent logistic service and to a strong brand awareness.

Today condiparma is able to satisfy promptly the needs of a constantly developing marketplace. The company is now more specialized in the olive oil sector and it's able to innovate with correlated items as pastry-making mix and others as green olives.

The entrepreneurship family says that the future of the firm is to continue maintain strong and long work relationships with clients, with the aim to “research the continuity for a work never finished”.