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condiparma has always worked with the aim to produce with quality, this was possible thanks to usual and reliable suppliers, able to satisfy quality raw materials standards, thanks to attention on product's production and thanks to selection of capable and fast people. Surely the specialization on bakery's sector allows the company to develop and codify our own distinctive know-how.

       "When the product is done by people who think
important their work, the product is inevitably of quality"

From 1999 condiparma has adopted the internal quality system, H.A.C.C.P (Hazard analysis and critical control points). By following the principles of this system the company implements correct procedures of hygiene in all phases of the productive process, by this way it prevents every critical risk on finished product.

To work with animal fats, condiparma has obtained the certification Bollo CE with number 9-3443/LOA. The firm is supervised several times a year by veterinary service of USL - Emilia Romangna region.

condiparma is even certified to produce organic products, it's associated to CCPB - Consortium for organic product, that two times a year monitors all the phases of the chain, from production to commercialization of organic product.

"Lifestyles are changing, habits and usages are modifying, for these reason
we think that on tables there will be new varieties of products.
From that belief we follow a continuous research".